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Posted by 23logic - January 18th, 2020

Posted by 23logic - January 5th, 2020

Concept art for a video game idea

taking parts of other zelda concepts

and adding to them (C) F.7 {forest farehaven}

the idea is to create a 3d map builder that can allow temples to be

built and play tested and then uploaded into a

online Comunity. the game is still 1 player.

follow Link into 7 temple areas acssisable with an item or two.

get the store concept from link between worlds and add it to the hub store town of skyward sword.

the forest has trees that have entrences of all sorts

but the branches can only be reached with the hook shot

to climb the trees and get into the forest castle of player made temples.

caves can only be gotten into with bombs because of the rocks in front of them.

puddles take you into water temples with the use of heavy boots.

each temple has a fairy mask ability gifted to you by the creator to help battle enimes

and solve the puzzles of that particular temple.

a boss key, a fairy key; for the ability chest, and a collection of normal keys

for how ever many locked doors you add.

there are also the three masks.

the over world

or online portion

is an open world

where zelda


and the guy from minish cap

whos name i forget

and the one with the paint brush

because if you know the names already

the temple grounds

will inividiably give out masks that can transform you in many ways

allowing the open world online mode

to allow character custom wears and abilities.

the 7 temples








all races are avilable on overworld.

go on quests to unlock

special equipment that inhances abilities

and or stats







return to hyrule where war for the

3 masks of the triforce

the goddess.

a dragon mask

a giant spider mask

and a golum mask.

with massive powers if found but only lasting

a short time

as you go to the 100 battle/and or puzzle tower

found in the overworld

some masks are worn over the race mask to give speical abilities

such as the bunny mask

or poe mask

which makes your character invisible

but see-able

get a job class for fairy ability level up transformation masks

turns you into a fairy for a short time giving you advanced abilities

that then extinguish leaving residual exp.

for the 6 colored fairy level up the 6 ability catagory

can you believe worms started a dos game? i saw this working for the switch rather well. you could even 2 player up

on one screen for some sort of group team raid on online

traveling together could take some team work

a few more masks that can be worn over the transformed version of yourself

moblin mask (equips spear of different colored leveling up red blue white black.)

skeleton mask: for every succesful damage on an enime gain 1/4 hearts

[raven phoenix]

stone hat,

throw a stone.

brick tunic

red brick pattorn

blue brick pattern

increase defence

and attack

in vice versa patterns.

flame wand opens the frozen shut puddles of the underwater world

but you must equip the zora mask

to enter

pre installed temple building includes

silver ruppies

spinnning blades

levels and design

low ice

mid ghost

tights are always white

voodoo doll. a straw doll that can fit into small areas.

item that allows you with the eye of truth

allows you to see mouse holes in order to enter small world

a bit like the beatle

in the skyward sword

a small version of the crono cross straw voodoo doll

but you can control them and allow them to run around using only the eye of truth

get the fire arrows and the lamp

to enter the oil temple

fire temple

the light arrows can be found by talking to zelda dealing 1.75 more than fire.

the ocarina of time is found by talking too and or defeating link. the deity mask gone berzerk

defeating the three bad guys

will give you tattoos of the 3 triphorces and deity masks

the old wolf's mask

increases all abilitiys

but increases the age of the sprite.

gerudo mask makes you female.

moles can dig into holes {now not capable of being able being entered

unless wearing the mole mask and with a caption button press(?)}

boxes can be stacked in temples and will respawn if you leave and re enter the room

rooms are designed by drawing floor plans.

a 3d map can be accessible inside the mind due to puzzles of skyward sword boss key.

elements: doors


item demanding elements:

hook shot avaliable templates

Posted by 23logic - January 4th, 2020

God sends an angel to earth

with the gun of death

to exterminate the rest of the life

after the apocalypse.

A devil with the scythe of life

meets her there.



opening: of their battle and ending

with the gun under devils chin

a bang and goes black.


Scythe deals damage

if hits angel

but gun heals if(!) hits devil

the 2 share health.


When dealing damage to enimes

gun damage subtracts from

their total Health. starting at [1000]

while scythe heals them when

damaging enimies.

Killing enimes rasies max hp.

(for both.)

with gun it's an empty raise

while with scythe you get the hp. for


gun kills an enemy

hp 1000/1000 to 1000/1015 - damage equal to damage done to enemy

scythe kills enemy

hp 1000/1000 to 1015/1015 + health equal to damage done to enemy

\ \

\ \

\ \

the battle feild is a road

that you travel through

a tactical movement/ battle style

with an old school [--go->]

when the enimies on the screen

are defeated to continue down

the road.

movement is set at 8 angel/ with flight and 11/12/13/14/15 w/levels on devil

flight allows you to land on some of the bigger monsters to dealing crit damge when used right.

the devil is earth bound.

a tally of souls on the planet

allows you to see the prgoression though the game

Abilities are learned

inhancing attacks

but in creasing danger of angel

depleating all hp.

the point of the game

is to get super op

upping the difficulty by the end of the game.

real time.

but time freezes when you select your

character after a stamina/time

wheel clock of some sort fills over their head

thus allowing you to wait for the other character to be selected

and passing on your partners turn.

possible two player avalibility

enimies will move while you waite

and make your move.

items are randomly generated

from certain enimes.

boss or unique monsters/ enimies

will give ite but with percentage

chance of what it will give

normal enimeies

x 2%

y 6%

z 7%

10% into 100% algoriythem (?_?)

boss/ unique enimes

x 50%

y 20%

z 30%

save stations at gas stations along the roads

setting is along highways.


amount of



when and if

the screen becomes

non moving

a go sign would appear

to show that you must move forward

to spawn move enimes

in order to complete the game

and finish all? 199 enemies

2000 eneimes hell if your good at algorythems you could make it a million i'll bet

but i don't know if that's true

for a flash game

i have no expirence with flash

animation or video game making

this is just what i know

from playing video games and observing

this is a lot like tacicts i'd say

but the road

is on sw

to ne

i think it can be used the same way

one of those click games work

where you progress and deal damage

by clicking on the screen

if that's a format... lets continue!

save stations can be accessed along the road and open a new screen

where you can scavange for food (items) and save at the cash regester

by talking to the cash register

the devil waits at the door

as the angel scavanges

my ideal plan for this is to create a tactical rpg that rivals final fantasy and bring it to microsoft

that is the ~ideal


i already

have notes

of a holy wars ii

it uses a majora mask esk time traveling system

that invovles the day system from fft

but in an ideal world i'd have ~neil gaimen write if for me



giant crows the size of sky scrapers

giant venus fly trap (don't fly too close)

giant komodo dragon (land on it's back)

g. wizard ghost with skeleton wings

antichrist ~voiced by seth mcfarlene


exploding toads

-deals damage by getting close to you and exploding when it lands in the tactical square next to your character

angel can land on them

and boom!


kkk wizards w/ black crow wings (fly)




dinasours - unique enimey trex

big flys

leveling the weapons.

and how to only use the devil's scythe

attack (gives exp to itself and techniques)

defend (no exp)

technique (angel asassinate.)

(devil reincarnate

bring eneimes back to fully heal.)


you should be able to imput

a level 1 defence that never raises

just spawn more eneimes on the map further down the road to increase the difficulty

the scythe sends out a wave beam at full level that passes off the stage

gun expands in width

and from beggining

passes off stage and deals damage to any enimey on the path of the flight of the bullet.

the gun, if attacking the angel fully heals hp when it hits the devil. (friendly fire)

if the scythe hits the angel i believe that the max hp should go down. but i'm not even certain if it should be a punishement. perhaps an empty max hp bost would work